At the client's initiative, Hedatu operates at the highest level in the organisation seeking to be transformed. Hedatu provides its management knowledge in successful organisations.


Hedatu provides a fresh perspective, without forgetting the principles, values and culture of the company it enters into or it advises, focusing on what is necessary and what is best to improve the business promptly. Hedatu works with complete transparency and honesty, and therefore is not perceived as a threat to the company's management
team, limiting its presence and collaboration to what is strictly necessary to complete the predefined transformation and improvement process. 


Hedatu does not offer a mere consultancy service; it assumes executive responsibility for business or project management, taking responsibility for the results thus creating an environment of trust and tranquillity for the client. 


Hedatu works hand-in-hand with management and by direct request of the organisation's administration. It is constantly supported by management to develop the desired transition within the project. We add value to the management bodies as a result of our experience and purpose.


Hedatu guarantees the highest professionalism; our work is based on field experiences and a successful trajectory. Therefore, we are especially interested in the success of our work.