Co-creation is understood as a business or marketing strategy that results in the generation of joint activities between the company and consumers.
The markets are debate and discussion forums for companies and the most active consumers. Thanks to this, there is a change in the traditional passive consumption model and we generate assessments, combinations and new possibilities.
Years ago, the way to reach the target public was to provide them with the product and run tests to verify if it was appropriate or not. Nowadays, thanks to co-creation, we can offer the clients directly what they need and want (personalisation of the offer).
In other words, the phenomenon of co-creation consists of creating close-knit experiences with groups of clients or potential clients. Co-creation is developed considering the four main Blue ocean principles:
• Creating new consumption spaces
• Focusing on market globalisation
• Reaching beyond existing demand (non-clients)
• Guaranteeing viability. Offering consumers simple, productive, comfortable and motivating solutions that create client loyalty